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My name is N.V.Karthik. My friends call me N.V.K.I'm 19 years old and I'm currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.I started blogging in a casual manner seeking new friends across globe through internet. but after one of blogging I've arrived at a stage where blogging has become an essential part of my life. I now blog regularly on all the topics that draw my interest. However I specifically write about life and the attitude that a human being must possess to be successful.In this way, I not only make my readers realize the value of life but also about the basic ethics that a person should know in life. I hope all my readers are benefited through my work.

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Cherish your Present

Last night I saw a movie- ‘The Kung Fu Panda’. What impressed me the most in the movie, was the dialogue that the old Kung Fu master turtle says to his disciple Shifu

"Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called as present"

These lines made my thoughts strong. I’m a person who believes in living life to the fullest. I never care about the past nor do I think of the future. I simply take on the present. And the above lines just made my ideology stronger. I have seen people breaking their heads just thinking over the past and wasting their lives. Some are over cautious and think to take on future without knowing the present itself.

Life is unique for every species living on this planet and humans are not an exception. For humans life is a divine gift. People always either ponder about the past or think about the future. But those who take life as a gift do neither. All that they care about is the present.

Past only reminds me of my missed opportunities whereas future lures me of the opportunities that I may or may not get. But what is truly beneficial for me is the present that gives me the available opportunities to act upon. That’s why I always live my present with 100%. And that’s what I want my readers to do too. Live your present. Enjoy your life.

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Confiding- how do I do it??

Is it necessary that we should confide everything to others?? Especially to our close ones. Well often this question creeps in every human beings mind at some stage of life. Confiding everything shows either our innocence or our truthfulness for others. One should be truthful towards others but its innocence that fetches us trouble. So what would a person do in order to avoid innocence but gain faith towards himself/herself from others?

Well I basically tackle this situation in a different manner. According to me confiding matters is done according to the value of the people with whom you want to confide. A wife or husband has higher privilege than other relations. A friend has higher privilege than a colleague.

One should always remember that confiding certain matters would resolve one’s problems while some would increase them. In such case it’s always better to have open talk in an indirect manner with the concerned person from a third person’s perspective. This not only gives us the clear picture in the person’s mind but also relieves us from the dilemma whether to confide or not.

Confiding matters with correct person solves the problem but with the wrong person it only increases. That’s where relationship level helps and suggests whether the person concerned really deserves to know the matter or not.

This funda not only helped me in my life but I also came to know how to read others mind before making a move in my life.

Keep this word in your mind in your life: confiding is the best ways to solve a problem and sometimes easiest way to ask for more.


Away From My Blog

I started blogging almost 6 months ago and since then i have been blogging everyday. Sometimes I would be surfing the web trying to figure out the ways to popularize my blog while sometimes I would be writing those post that my readers enjoy reading. But now with my University exams at the threshold, I'll be going under exile for next 2 weeks from blogging to concentrate on my exams..good bye bloggers..good bye my blog

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Character Analyzing Through Food

Senior citizens are kind of people who have lot of experience, advice and knowledge to share with someone. They are the only kind of people living on the globe who are ready to lend ears to what others say. But how many times do we pay attention to what these people say. Anyway that’s not the topic here. I was talking to an old guy aged enough to be a grandpa of a 20 year old. I met this person in train when I was going to city. It started with normal introduction and some detailing. The best moment of the day came when I came to know about a strange ability that the man possessed. He told me “you are jovial, easy going with everyone”. I said “thanks”. But he said he didn’t mean to compliment me. He analyzed my character through the kind of food I eat. Somewhere during the chat I had mentioned about my eating habits. Well then he taught me this unique ability of character judgment after repeated persuasion. Here it goes. According to him the kind of food a man eats reflects his characters. The classification is like this:

1. Sweet: very caring, jovial, easy going, polite.

2. Salty: stingy, mean, selfish.

3. Bitter: stubborn, determined, clear mindset.

4. Spicy: short- tempered, impatient, rude.

Well I don’t know exactly whether this true or not but surly makes me think again and again as my character do resembles to the kind of food I eat. That doesn’t mean I’m like that. In fact I’ve all qualities except for the fact that they are in different proportions as the food I take. Hope you analyze your character too.

P.S.: it’s better to follow healthy eating habits. Overdoing one of its kind would land you in hospital.

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Be The Best

Life is always about ups and downs. Surely my life has been like that. And I’m sure almost everyone’s life on the globe is like that. Do we achieve everything what we aspire to become in our lives?? Not exactly. In fact most of us are living the alternative we found when we failed to achieve what we aspired for. Now the question is how far have we accepted, implied that alternative and succeeded in our life. Well if we take a closer analysis and evaluate our progress 90% of us would arrive at one rank- average. In that case we have no one to blame other than ourselves. The very reason for this situation is we haven’t really taken the alternative choice as seriously as we took our aspirations in our early days.

In fact my life till now has also been like the ones in the 90% category. But I’m different in that 90% category too. As a matter of fact I’m unique even though I fall in that 90% category simply because of my different approach towards the alternative choice I had. At first we generally feel for the failure we faced for sometime. Then we half heartedly accept our alternative and live without any future aspirations. I aspire to BE THE BEST in the alternative I have.

This instinct wasn’t inborn but was cultivated and then developed thanks my English professor at school when I was doing my 11th grade. My then English professor is perhaps the greatest person who has shown me the easier side of light and brought my talents to lime-light. One day she took a poem as a part of our syllabus. The poem was BE THE BEST by Douglas Malloch. The poet (perhaps the greatest ever) emphasized on that alternative we have and instills the spirit in us to “be the best” in what ever field we are. I don’t know about the poet but my professor did instill that spirit in me. This perhaps is the greatest work done by her if not to all of her students but at least to me.

This is the different approach that I’m talking about. Accepting the alternative choice of our life is not our achievement but aspiring to be the best in what ever field we are is the achievement. I’m not providing a medicine for your failure. God forbid. If you ever fail in your life (you will at least once) to achieve what you aimed for then aim to be the best in what you are in now instead of looking away at the train (success) you missed. I hope you will try to:

Be the Best

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Motivation Through Inspiration- A new approach to success

Generally as human beings we need motivation when good times are not with us. To achieve something in life we need not only role models but also ample motivation from others. For this reason many people in this world are self-motivating. I’m one amongst them. But the fact is that motivation through inspiration is far more effective for me. Even though self-motivation helps us to rejuvenate all our feelings and boosts our self-esteem, for me it is motivation through inspiration that keeps my battery charged in all aspects (emotionally, physically, and spiritually). Motivation through inspiration gives me one straight feeling and one tag- line that always keeps me on and on:

If he can, why can’t I????

Looking at the tag-line, you may think this motivation is nothing but jealousy. But you would be absolutely wrong. When I take a look at life of others and get inspired from them, I get a burning feeling to achieve a lot more from what they had in a different fashion. Motivation through inspiration is a kind a rocket fuel that sets me on fire and sends my self confidence level sky rocketing. Many people have inspired me. My dad- the way he made his disciplined life out o f nowhere without basic education, Bill Gates- who made his fortune even though being a college dropout, Adolf Hitler- who had nothing but his great orating ability to make him one of the greatest, powerful political leader ever. Many of you wouldn’t agree with me. In fact most of the people have a false notion in their mind that everyone has unique abilities and we shouldn’t try to follow exact steps of other people. Indeed we do and we shouldn’t try to copy others as it’ll rob us of our identity, but all those people with unique abilities climb up in life and only those people who try to adopt those unique abilities along with theirs and implement them in life climb up the success of ladder. That is what motivation through inspiration provides me. It jet shoots the anxiety within me to learn that uniqueness of the person who inspired me and tells me to implement it in my life along with my special talent. I feel that

Intelligent is one, who learns from his mistake,

Great is one who learns from others mistake.

Motivation through inspiration makes me observe the mistakes the people made (who inspired me) on the road to success in life and gives me an edge or should I say a chance to rectify that mistake in my life before even committing it. In this way I’m able to get a hold of that unique ability that they have. Remember motivation from others in life is general for everyone but getting motivated through inspiration from others and bringing up other’s unique abilities along with ours, devoid our life of the miseries others might have faced. I believe that this motivation from inspiration would certainly inspire you to get motivated through inspiration from others.


1 Gone, 3 to GO

It took me 17 years (includes childhood) to understand the importance of learning from home and school. And today I would like to make it 18 as finally my 1st year college has come to an end. When I entered school for the first time in my life, I was emotionally broken that I showed by crying because I had to leave my parents and study (separation for 6 hours). It’s usual in everyone’s life. Next when I entered my college life, I was emotionally broken more because of parting from my school friends. But this time I restrained my emotions as I’m well grown and matured. And now finally my 1st year college has come to end. At first I thought college life would be very different than school one. And I was right indeed. It is different. Only all those who have stepped into college know the true essence of fun. And now that I’ve tasted it, I’ve only 3 (precious) years to enjoy, relish and live this college life. My 1st year college has been a hit for me (both in academics and in college culture fun with friends). At present my friends are making a home video of our 1st year college life. When I get it, I’ll definitely share with you. That’s all folks for this year. I hope you guys also sure love your college days. Bye. Enjoy life :)